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Product Name:Metallized polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film
Product Type:C51Inventories:10000

Uncoated, stacked construction, small size Stabili...

Product Name:Plastic shell type DC filter capacitor (temperature of 85 ℃)
Product Type:C3A(G)Inventories:10000

application in DC filter circuit, can replace the ...

Product Name:Metallized polypropylene film capacitor for lamps and lanterns (Ex)
Product Type:C6BInventories:10000

The capacitors are designed specifically for HID L...

Product Name:Metallized polypropylene film AC motor capacitor (plastic)
Product Type:C61Inventories:10000

Widely applied to starting and running of AC singl...

Product Name:Polypropylene film/foil precision capacitor
Product Type:C71Inventories:10000

Metal foil polypropylene film Temperature coeffici...

Product Name:Polypropylene film/foil capacitor(Non-Inductive)
Product Type:C13Inventories:10000

film/foil,non-inductive wound type ,dipped Excelle...

Product Name:Metallized polyethylene naphthalene acetate film high
Product Type:C91Inventories:10000

Wide range of working temperature Excellent self-h...

Product Name:Metallized polyester film circle axial capacitor
Product Type:C20Inventories:10000

metallized polyester film, non-inductive wound con...

Product Name:Metallized polypropylene film anti-interference capacitor
Product Type:MPK62+R(C4R)Inventories:10000

Internal parallel connection from X2 cap to discha...

Product Name:Metallized polyester film A.C. capacitor for capa…
Product Type:C23(E)Inventories:10000

This is specifically designed for applications in ...

Product Name:Automobile anti capacitor special noise
Product Type:C21 474K 250VInventories:10000

Auto Fangzao Special capacitors, high temperature,...

About Us?

Professional capacitor Manufacturer.
About Us

Guang Zhou Nan Cai Electronic CO,.LTD. is a professional film capacitor manufacturer. Mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of AC / DC film capacitors. The company introduced advanced equipment, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan and other vendors all materials are from Germany, USA, Japan and other countries. Follow GB of the People's Republic of China and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) issued by technical standards, international communication ITT and national military standards. And passed ISO/TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 international standard quality management system certification.

The main products are polyester film (MPE), polypropylene film (MPP), polycarbonate membrane (PS), polystyrene film (PC), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) film five series, more than one hundred sixty Model thousand kinds of specifications of industrial, military, civil bohao "brand capacitors. Where polypropylene films X1, X2; Y1, Y2 class anti-interference AC capacitor authority by the Chinese CQC, American UL, German VDE...More

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